New York …. sigh

i love my visits to new york because I come back feeling revived and motivated.
I am working from 9 to 6 every day at the Javits center for the New York International Gift Fair. I get to see what designers like Jonathan Adler, Hable Construction, Sukie and countless others are introducing for the spring.
Since I’m working all day dinner is the main event and I methodically plan all my meals.

Here are a few foodie things from my recent trip.

I finally made it to April Bloomfield’s gastro pub the spotted pig and it was amazing.
These deviled eggs were truly the best I have ever had and I plan to try and recreate them in the near future.

For lunch Lime Jungle is fresh and tasty.
I ate the tortilla soup pictured below two days in a row.

My new york trips are mainly about food and planning where i will eat each night, but i make some time for shopping and at least one museum visit.

This trip i went to The Whitney. I have been a couple of times before, but they have a pay what you wish on Fridays and are open late. Many of the museums do and i try and visit them on these days.

The stand out piece for me was a crayon drawing of a sunset by Edward Hopper that i can not locate a picture of 😦
it was beautiful because it was so tiny and simple consisting of just colored crayon horizontal lines.
And certainly the Alexander Calder Exhibition

Alexander Calder’s Circus

I also went to Kiosk


You go up the stairs and to the right. It feels like you don’t belong there, but there is actually a little store tucked away with random things from all over the world. I got this bird whistle that I remember from being a kid. You put water in the bottom and then it sounds like a little birdie.

I had an apartment for most of the trip, but spent one night at the Hotel Chelsea.
I really liked the location and the rooms were huge.

Plus.. Hello.. the stairwells are lined with art work. I went to the top and walked down.

AND there is a great little bar across the street called trailer park.
ok… so that was new york…some of it anyway
When the show closed I found this amazing pile of glitter.

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