I am a fan of the Bon Appetit Foodist and in the latest issue of Bon Appetit Andrew Knowlton discusses sushi etiquette.

  • If possible sit at the sushi bar and ask what’s fresh. This ups your chances of getting the freshest fish and you will look like you know your stuff.
  • Don’t drown your fish in soy and when dipping into the soy sauce dip fish side down…not rice. If you want wasabi add a little to your soy sauce
  • One bite. Some rolls are TOO big and this annoys me. It’s ok to take two bites if you have to.

Now for the good stuff –

  • Eat in Order. Start with sashimi then sushi with rice THEN miso soup.I had no idea you eat the soup last, but i like it and can’t wait to do it.
  • Nigiri and sushi rolls YOU EAT WITH YOUR HANDS- i find this so exciting. I mean how much easier is that. So all of you who fear the chopstick can relax, but the sashimi you still have to eat with your chopsticks.

My personal favorite –
If what you are eating contains cream cheese, bbq pork, pineapple or fried chicken…It’s not really sushi!

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  1. Andrew

     /  February 12, 2009

    I think you forgot the rule about eating a supplementary meal beforehand because sushi is NOT filling.


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