Sushi Night!

I am headed to the Buford Hwy Farmers Market tonight to pick up supplies for the Sushi Dinner Party myself and Becca are hosting tomorrow night. Her and her man have a new apt. and I have been dying to do another sushi night so it seemed the time was right.

Becca recently took a sushi rolling class so this time we are going to do some rolls.
I mostly eat sashimi so that is usually what I prepare with maybe a salmon roe roll or just some rice on the side.
I really like the dishes you find in the appetizer sections of most menus so I try and replicate them

Tako su is one of my faves to make and it’s super easy. The farmers market has the octupus boiled and ready to go.

Sushi grade Salmon coated in cracked pepper, pan seared and then touched with lemon juice. That one I made up I am pretty sure.
Yellowtail with Cilantro, Jalapeno, and a Ponzu Ginger Sauce…

I love the simplicity of  Crudo and  Rathbun’s Tuna Crudo is very tasty.
rathbun's tuna crudo

I am getting excited just thinking about it.
Can’t wait for a night with great food and great friends.

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  1. thesushichef

     /  July 23, 2009

    that rathbun’s tuna crudo looks delicious!!! and simple.


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