NYC Part 1: See and Do

Excellent trip to NYC as always.
I’m going to do this in two post. A Food and Drink and an See and Do.
Sadly I didn’t make it out to Red Hook, but I did make it to PS1 Warm Up which was amazing.
The Phenomenal Hand Clap Band played along with other Dj’s.
Each Spring they have a different artist design the courtyard. This time around it was fury cone shaped things misting on the crowd.

There were some pretty exciting things in the gallery as well.
I got super excited about the photograph of the pope. The one torn by Sinead O’connor on Saturday Night Live. I Posted a video clip in case you’ve never seen it and a clip of her at the Bob Dylan Tribute after….It’s pretty powerful (so is the eddie vedder masters of war actually…it’s all good)

Braves vs Mets at the new Citi Field.
Braves win, but Citi Field wins for having an awesome hot dog topping area and a super nice stadium.
Sunset Sailboat Cruise around the tip of Manhattan.
So nice. Beautiful view of the city and the Statue of Liberty AND you get champagne.
I love spending the day in Central Park walking, looking, and listening.
Bethesda Fountain, The model sailboat pond, and the steps of the MET…
Lovely as always. That is all.

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