EAV Farmers Market

Yesterday was Opening Day for EAV Famers Market and I picked up some goodies.
The market is open from 4 until around 8pm, but get there early if you can.
I didn’t make it until around 7:15 and many vendors were sold out or close to being sold out.
Decimal Place Farm and Riverview Farms in particular.
H&F Ciabatta Bread and Pimento Cheese.
Spicy White Radishes.
Salami, Cheeses and Marinated Grilled Mushrooms.
Everything you see below plus a slice of pizza for $35.
All Local. All Fresh and Delicious.

There is also a mobile pizza truck, Moto Bene that is worth a visit.
$3 slices and $12 for a whole pie. Made with fresh, local ingredients. Next trip I will snap a photo. It was delicious.

You can find this guy at the Dunwoody Farmers Market every Wednesday as well.

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  1. Yum! Wish I still lived in my crappy apartment off moreland…I’d have fresh veggies often!


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