Happy 4th.

Starting off the long weekend tonight making dinner and having drinks with my lady friends.
Recently I was given a couple bottles of Riesling by a friend and while I don’t really drink Riesling, I do drink Sangria.
Nectarines are especially delicious right now and having just put a few up in lemon and sugar I decided to start with those.

I’m winging it…

2 bottles Riesling
1 nectarine
2 apples
1 orange
2 limes
chop up the apples and nectarines and slice the oranges and limes (squeeze a little of the juice in too)
I added some peach lemonade that I found at wholefoods and a little brandy.
Do all of this the night before and add some lime club soda the day of.
These are the worst direction ever I’m imagining, but if anyone really needs more detail just ask or do what bobby flay says.
My recipe is the half-assed version.
It’s fruit and wine so you can’t really mess it up.
I am making Blistered Serrano Peppers.
What I really need are Japanese Shisito peppers, but I haven’t ventured to the farmers market.
I picked up some serrano peppers from wholefoods that were insanely spicey, but the ones from publix were really good. So… I dunno.
Sautee in spanish olive oil with garlic until they start to brown (blister) then add fresh lemon and sea salt.
Begin snacking.

Making fish in parchment paper too. Photos and details next week.
Have a great weekend!

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