Look out weekend…

Here I come…
My birthday is next Tuesday, but it pretty much starts this weekend with so much fun stuff going on.
Lots of things happening. Come play.
friday, oct 1, 2010. 8pm – 2am
castleberry hill art district
a night of art &arm wrestling, performance, outdoor films, escaped zebras, shipping containers,
fireflies, dance, autograph signing, window washing, paint abatement, parades, projections,
and experimentation

Fall Fun Festival
live music from 12PM-5PM in the Ballroom Lounge and courtyard,
art and craft vendors, antiques, BBQ, family friendly activities, and much more!

Ria’s Bluebird 10yr Anniversary!

Field of Greens Festival on Sunday!

and Monday LCD Soundsystem dance party
Dance Yrself Clean

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  1. My birthday is this month, too! I keep talking about you and it goes like this “Oh Brandy put yadda yadda on her blog.” “Who?” someone will ask. “Ohhh, my pretend friend.”

    I should just facebook all this. You guys going to Rocktoberfest tonight by any chance?

    • fabricatedesign

       /  October 1, 2010

      October REALLY is the best birthday month.
      I’m having the same problem with you. We are like dorky “cyber” friends or something.
      What’s Roctoberfest? We would love for you guys to hang out! Flux tonight, maybe Ria’s tomorrow and Field of Greens Sunday.
      this does feel like a facebook thread….


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