I made a few infused vodkas last Christmas and the Garlic Jalapeno turned out especially good. It’s very simple and makes for a great gift, as well as a tasty bloody mary on New Years Day.
Use the following guidelines for infusing about 1 half gallon of vodka:

What you’ll need:

A decent bottle of vodka
5 cloves of garlic (bruised)
3 medium jalapenos (cut lengthwise w/seeds removed)
An “infusing jar” or any container you have around the house that you can seal up tight.
Jars for gift giving such as this one from the container store.

Place all of your ingredients together in a clean, airtight container (glass works best).
This recipe infuses pretty quickly, and you can really use as many peppers as you want. The more you use and the longer you infuse, the spicier the end result.
Fill the container with vodka, seal it, and put it some place safe and away from direct sunlight. I suggest letting it sit for about 1 week, and then straining the vodka into your jars for gift giving.

If  you’re short on time divide ingredients directly into the decorative jars, and include a gift note with a ‘use on’ date and recipe ideas (martinis, bloodys, margaritas).
Decorate with bakers twine or fabric tape.
A delicious remedy for that New Years Day hangover…

SOURCE: decorative bottles

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  1. Ummm what a crazy idea! (in a good way) I think my guests will love this spicy vodka!

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