Lauren Wolf Jewelry

There was a time when I went a little nuts at the trade shows and would spend, spend, spend. I have since learned that I don’t necessarily need things just because I am getting an insane deal on them.
Now I get one or two “show treats” and currently it’s Lauren Wolf Jewelry. Lauren is super friendly (making me want to collect her work even more) and her pieces are both edgy and elegant. In August I picked up a pair of stacking rings and I have my eye on a necklace or bracelets for next market.
In January I scored the stud earrings pictured below.
I’m not a pearls gal and these are a perfect alternative. I had them in mind for my pal Cassi’s wedding, but I’ve found that I want to wear them everyday.

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  1. TKnCK

     /  March 25, 2011

    I too started collecting. Love the sting ray oxidized silver collection. Never a question of need always want. Her line is just amazing!


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