ON THE BAR * Summer Cocktails

While in Baltimore, Maryland for a wedding this past weekend I had a cocktail that I can’t believe hasn’t crossed my lips sooner. The rehearsal dinner was held at Woodberry Kitchen located inside Clipper Hill.
The interior was perfect, and we sat in this beautiful private room with long family style tables. The tables actually fit in the crevices you see in the wall to the right.

There were two signature cocktails served, and while the Hibiscus Margarita and the Government Mule (a twist on the Moscow Mule) were both tasty, the Government Mule really stood out. From the super cold copper mug to the fresh lime zest on top, it was refreshing and delicious. Woodberry Kitchen makes the ginger beer in-house so I’ll have to be happy getting the recipe somewhat close with a store-bought ginger beer. It’s definitely on my list for recreating this summer, and I’m on the look out for the copper mugs that really add to the chilliness of the drink.

Prairie organic vodka
house made ginger beer
ginger-lime simple syrup
serve with lots of ice and fresh lime zest on top in a copper mug.

Find more beautiful photos of the restaurant here.

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