Home Improvements!

I’ve been wanting to share some photos from the new house, but we have been so busy this summer it’s taking me a while to get around to it. We’ve been in the house just over 3 months now, and painting was first up on the to do list. The living room is a bright robins egg blue color that reminds me of a home on the coast, but I’m are waiting on our new West Elm couch so no photos until then!

The dining room is cathedral grey and connects to the kitchen so the grey is carried into that room with the exception of the black chalkboard wall. Previously I had a large board hanging that I’d painted with the chalkboard paint so I was thrilled to finally paint directly on the wall. There is even a coat of magnetic paint underneath, but I find myself not really using it because it feels cluttered.

Reupholstering the chairs is next up on the list along with a shelf above the bar. I need a place to store extra glasses and a wine rack. The bar is over flowing with booze after the housewarming party.

table: vintage Broyhill Brasilia, rug: west elm knot rug, curtains: west elm, plates: vintage with the exception of my Jonathan Adler fish, pendant light: ikea, bar: vintage cedar chest, plant stand: vintage, deer head: alabaster stag

The ikea light fixture adds a fun twist and casts a pattern on the walls. There was a fixture in place when we moved in so we used the existing base rather than the rounded plastic one the lamp came with. This made it look a little less ikea-ey. You can see the pattern on the wall in this (grainy) photo.

The room is full of white trim so the grey really pops, and it’s my favorite room in the house so far. I may even do grey in the bedroom now, if I ever get around to painting it…

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