For my best gal Cassi’s wedding she wanted to do something other than the traditional guest book, so we started brain storming some poster ideas. Something well designed that could be framed and put on display in her home. I mocked up a few things and we went back and forth editing and redoing until we ended up with our finished design.

Cassi’s husband’s (and now her) last name is King which made the crown an obvious choice. I could see this working for a royal inspired wedding, or as a great way to incorporate a family crest into your big day. We were concerned about their being enough room for everyone to sign, but also wanted the page nice and full. We decided to get two posters printed up and thought they could go side by side. I doubt Cassi has had the time to get them up and framed just yet, but hopefully she’ll have us a finished product photo soon. She’s also trying to get her thoughts and ideas down to share with you over at a King in Love.

These lovely photos are by Spindle Photography, and if you are looking for a wedding photographer she’s excellent! A young, fun (adorable) photographer that you’ll love having around snapping photos on your big day. Interested in your very own guest book poster? Shoot me an email and check out my etsy listing.

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