We’re having friends over for dinner and drinks tonight, and I’m looking forward to doing a little entertaining. I’m not quite ready to dive into the wintry fatty foods just yet, and I don’t want everyone looking for a soft place to curl up and pass out after we eat, so I’ve decided on a light main course. Grilled shrimp with an above average spinach salad. Our guests are bringing humboldt fog and red velvet cupcakes to round out the meal. Wine will flow and we plan to mix up a few cocktails as well.

It will be a night of food, booze, friends and music. If it wasn’t strange for me to ask our guests to dress up as if we were beatniks in the 60’s and pretend our home was actually an apartment in Greenwich Village, I would do it. I’d maybe even let them smoke in the house if we were all lounging around being philosophical and looking groovy.

Geoff is extra excited because he gets to show off his new custom record cabinet built by South of Urban. See more pics here.

I’ll make note of the food and cocktails being served up and share in my next post.

Happy Weekend…

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