Paper is my thing. I love it. It comes across as being fragile and delicate, but can really be quite durable and tough. During my printmaking days I learned that paper can be folded, pressed, torn, rubbed, submerged in water, dyed, sewn, burned, twisted and curled.
Amy Flurry and Nikki Salk make up the magnificent Paper-Cut-Project, and they know a thing or two about paper, and what it can do when in the right hands.

In 2010 Paper-Cut-Project debuted their paper wig collection in the windows of Jeffrey boutique in both Atlanta and New York, and since then their work has attracted the attention of Kate Spade, Cartier, Hermes and more. Most recently these beautiful pieces made their runway debut, and next up is Italian Vogue. Fine Art and Paper Craft have met High Fashion, and they seem to be getting along famously.

photos sourced from Paper-Cut-Project

You can see their paper wig creations on display at Jackson Fine Art in Atlanta, GA until January 21st 2011. There is also mention of Paper-Cut-Project selling photographs of their work in the future. Something for my wish list!

Find out more about Amy and Nikki in their LuxeCrush interview.

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