Gifts For Guys: Part 2

A few more gift ideas as the holidays get closer and closer!
We have all the items pictured in the top row, and are big fans of Teroforma’s beautiful, simple pieces. Whiskey Stones keep your finer spirits cool without watering them down. If you’ve got something on the grill it’s probably going to be complimented by a little roasted garlic, and this cast iron roaster makes it a no brainer. Lastly, is this tree of life print made up of individual little animals, reminding us to preserve nature and protect their habitat. I sometimes find the guys in my life hard to buy for, so if you have any novel ideas please share!
  1.Stone Shot Glasses 2.Whiskey Stones 3.Cast Iron Garlic Roaster 4.Tree of Life Print

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  1. I’m digging those whiskey stones! You think they will work on scotch? Ha! That garlic roaster is pretty nifty, too!


  2. a sensible habit

     /  December 8, 2011

    The will def work on scotch!


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