Recipe for Press!

My insanely thoughtful boss attended Amy Flurry’s book release party at TREEHOUSE, and picked me up a signed copy of her new book, Recipe for Press.
She and I tackle the PR and Marketing at Blabla Kids (where I work if you were wondering), and are big fans of Amy who hosts informative DIY Publicity seminars, is an editor, writer, stylist and maker of beautiful paper sculptures. If you are someone you know is an artist, crafter or business owner, you’re going to need this book. It’s filled with excellent advice, beautiful photography, and features many Athens, Ga locals. Email Amy to get one for yourself!

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  1. I wanted to make it that way, but wasn’t able to that particular night. Thanks for the link, I picked the book up today. I am stoked!

  2. Hey Meg, I don’t know how to comment on your iunividdal blog posts but I’m loving your what I wore Wed! You look so adorable!! I need to try to do something more like that so that it will force me to try to look cute. I’m def a plain T, jeans, and tennis shoes girl. Love the cute pins! What a fun way to spruce up an outfit. Now I’m on the prowl for cute pins:)


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