Like many iPhone users I’m head over heels for Instagram. I’m especially excited to utilize the plethora of programs out there that work with the Instagram app, and I wanted to share a few favorites. These are all useful outside of the iPhone, and accessible from your desktop computer.

A couple of sites I like for viewing and sharing Instagram photos are apps like Followgram, and Gramfeed. With Followgram you can create a profile and ‘follow button’ to embed on your website or blog.  You can also view and share your photos with other instagramers and non iPhone users. Gramfeed acts as an instagram website allowing you to view photos, add comments and likes from your desktop.

With Instagrid anyone can view your collection of Instagram photos online. It has a clean layout and the best part is the that non iPhone viewers can subscribe to your feed and get daily email updates with your photos.


I am super-duper excited about this little box. Party-goers can snap Instagram photos and tag them with a custom hashtag. The box then looks for Instagram images with that hashtag and location information, and prints them out. Currently instaprint has to be hired for events, but hopefully in the near future we can all get our hands on one.

These are just a handful of the apps out there, and I’m still exploring and learning new ways to stay connected. I’ll post a few of my favorite apps for altering Instagram photos from the iPhone next!

If you have an iPhone follow me here, if you don’t, catch me on Instagrid!

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