From the looks of my posts lately it would appear as if I haven’t been cooking.
I swear it’s not true. I’ve been glued to my laptop in the evenings working on side projects, but I’ve managed a tasty meal or two.
When you are busy, Buitoni pasta is your friend.

For this pasta dish I tossed some ravioli in pesto (I went for the store bought), placed it on a bed of lemony arugula, and topped with crunchy sautéed asparagus and shaved parmesan. It seriously couldn’t have taken more than 30 minutes.
I’ve been eating lots of arugula lately. It’s a nice addition to most dishes and I’ve thrown it in pasta, eggs, bloody mary’s and the old standby salad with parmesan and lemon.

pesto & goat cheese frittata w/ arugula | homemade bloody mary w/ arugula

Quick recipes using two of the same ingredients! Dinner and brunch….done!

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  1. If there is arugula in the fridge, it’s always a party in the kitchen. It’s the new spinach!


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