The Bloody Mary is one of my favorite weekend brunch drinks, it acts as hair of the dog AND as an appetizer. I’ve consumed and mixed many, but my favorites come with lots of snacks. If I’m not making my own mix I prefer Whiskey Willy’s Bloody Mary Mix or good old Zing Zang will do. If there’s a stout on hand, add a splash and add clamato juice to get that by the sea clam taste.

A salted rim, a stalk of celery and a variety of pickles and you’re good to go, but why not add even more tasty treats if you have them on hand. I love anything from Phickles Pickles and usually have some homemade pickled goodies from the pantry. Here are a few of my favorite Bloody Mary add-ons:

spicy beef jerky  |  boiled shrimp  |  pickled garlic  |  olives  |  pickled asparagus  |  peperoncini  |  srichacha  |  pickled green beans  | pickled okra  |  pickled sugar snap peas  |  arugula

USE: Homemade Jalapeno & Garlic Vodka

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  1. We had a bloody this weekend with a ham-and-cheese-stuffed pepper, along with pickled okra, smoked gouda and salami. All cured/picked in house. Amazing!

    • a sensible habit

       /  March 13, 2012

      YUM! I love the idea of adding cheese and meats. I bet the smoked gouda was excellent. I’m adding that to my next bloody! Thanks!

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