I participated in my first ever Crop Mob on Saturday and it was such a fun experience.
Crop Mob takes connecting with your food a step further, giving you the opportunity to meet local farmers and get your hands dirty. This event was a little different in that we didn’t do any planting ourselves, but set up growing structures and prepared the soil for an edible playground garden at a local Montessori School. The students will then plant the gardens and make meals using the food they’ve grown!

Teepee for growing runner beans

Tunnel that will be covered with cucumber.

Mine & Sarah’s hut! It will be covered w/ edible vines and provide a hiding spot.

Crop mob is a group of young, landless, and wannabe farmers who come together to build and empower communities by working side by side. Any crop mobber can call a crop mob to do the kind of work it takes a community to do. We work together, share a meal, play, talk, and make music. This is the stuff that communities are made of.

  • No money is exchanged.
  • Work is done on small-scale, sustainable farms and gardens.
  • A meal is shared, often provided by the host.
  • This is not a charity. We crop mob for crop mobbers.
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