There are a slew of creative apps out there literally at our fingertips and as much as I love a nice piece of snail mail, some apps make it too easy not to click and send from your cell. Postagram creates postcards using photos from your photo album, Facebook or Instagram account. After adding a quick note and inserting the recipients address, your postcard is on its way for a mere 99 cents! As an added feature, the photo area is perforated so it pops out and is fridge or frame ready. I’ve already sent two hellos and a thank you, but can’t wait for my next trip to send a few Postagrams from the road.

Speaking of awesome apps, Instagram is coming out for all you Android users! Sign up for notification of it’s release!

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  1. That is awesome!!!! 🙂 I never knew about this one! Thanks. 🙂

  2. doctorpopular

     /  April 2, 2012

    Thanks for the Postagram love! If you are in the mood for a Postagram trade, hit me up 🙂

    SIncerely attn Doc
    800 Market st fl 6
    San francisco ca 94102

    Be sure to attach your address too. btw, the lack of capitalization is unintentional… seems to be a weird bug in the comment software.


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