Our bedroom is pretty much the last room in the house in need of some attention. The walls need to be painted, we hope to get a new bed frame and I have a chifferobe in desperate need of a redo. I’ve been back and forth on the wall color and can’t decide if I want to go dark or light. We have the grey from the dining room and a blueish white left over, or maybe I should go with something totally different. The bedding and pillows are all different shades of grey , the duvet’s from West Elm, and my AREA bedding should be arriving soon. Naturally I’m searching Pinterest for ideas and now I just have to make some decisions!

* one grey wall   *a single grey stripe  * a dark indigo  *light and airy   *dark and cozy

*bright accents  *stripe up top  *stripe in the middle  *bright door  *bright dresser


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  1. What. I’m in love with the grey bedroom. If you stalked me on Pinterest, you’d see that I’m obsessing about the grey-ness right now. If Painting and buying new things wasn’t so expensive and time consuming, I’d do it all this weekend! Check out my board, I promise I’m telling the truth! 🙂 anyways, good luck with the decorating, sure wish it was me working on that this weekend!

  2. I kinda went crazy on following yours too 🙂


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