I was a bit spoiled this weekend with dinner at Rosebud on Friday followed by a laid back sunny afternoon trip to The Optimist on Saturday. This was my first visit to The Optimist and my friend and I decided to dine at The Oyster Bar which has a smaller menu of starters and snacks. It’s adjacent to the main dining area and  I immediately fell for the laid back coastal vibe of the space with the sun shining in and doors open to the patio.

We of course had to order beers to take advantage of the free Coozie perk at the Oyster Bar. They also have delicious flavored punches that change daily and we went with refreshing watermelon basil.

Charred octopus with kimchi sauce and candied coriander. Yes please. In the top left corner is the edge of some amazing chips with malt vinegar aioli. They were paper-thin and crispy.

Wood roasted oysters with shrimp butter shown here, but we also sampled some raw east and west coast varieties. They had several oyster options to choose from and I wanted about a dozen of each.

Hopefully I will be returning very soon to try out The Optimist’s main menu as well as back to The Oyster Bar to work my way through all of their offerings.

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