As I’ve gotten older my metabolism has caught up with me and being fit and healthy have become a priority. I was convinced by a friend (and a scoutmob deal) to sign up for fitwit bootcamp. I ended up loving it and enrolled in another three months. This month myself and two friends are also doing kickboxing at Unit 2 Fitness, thanks to another amazing scoutmob deal.

With boot camp twice a week and 3-5 days of kickboxing I haven’t been working out at home much. I’m sure I will soon enough and I’ve found an amazing app to help motivate an at home workout. I was using sworkit, but a friend turned me on to the Nike Training app. It has a clean and easy to navigate interface (just like their Nike Running app I use) and it even includes videos of the workouts.

On that healthy note I recently scored the Ninja Blender I’ve been coveting and I’m excited to put it to use. I’ve already made a coconut peach cocktail, garlicky caesar dressing and a smoothie. Recipes coming soon!

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  1. Waiting on you to commit to a 5k!

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