I never dreamed that I would fall head over heels for a water bottle, but it’s happened.
The girls I work with in New York were going on and on about a water bottle, and I couldn’t possibly fathom it being THAT much more spectacular than any other I’ve used. Turns out I was wrong.


* S’well bottles don’t sweat meaning the inside of your bag won’t get all wet,
* and it won’t leave annoying rings of water on your desk.
* Keeps your beverage cool/warm for long periods of time – 12 to 24 hours!
* My coworker took hers to hot yoga and it was still cold at the end of class!
* Stainless steel = no metal taste for your water
* BPA Free
* Super cute and sleek design
* The large size will hold a bottle of WINE

Once I realized there was a larger size that holds a full bottle of wine I got very excited and went a little overboard.
I’ve got plenty of wine loving friends for whom these will make a great gift.
I have the medium size for on my desk and the gym and then the large for wine. I can’t wait to use mine at the next picnic or outdoor concert! Get yours here!

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