WOW. My Friday night was pretty amazing.
We’ve been frequenting The Spotted Trotter and Ale Yeah for a bit, but this was our first time attending the CIVIC Dinner.

The Spotted Trotter is hosting monthly dinners for an intimate group where they partner with a beverage company. The atmosphere was perfect with a little live music and candle light. A small group of about 30 people with 8 courses paired with beer that you had the option of picking up from Ale Yeah. We of course did, and the beer pairings were spot on.

My favorite pairing (I think!) had to be the Peach Smoke dish seen in the third photo. My favorite dish…hard to say. Everything was so good and the portions were beyond generous. The duck ball, the tripe (best I’ve had), and the papaya salad all stood out. OH! and the spiced pecans were AMAZING. I’d love to see those bagged up and for sale at the store (hint, hint if ST is reading).

Next month they should be teaming up with American Spirit Whiskey, and we will without question be there. We are feeling pretty lucky (fat) to live in between a craft beer market and a charcuterie.

Civic  /  adj.  /  Of, concerning, or affecting the community or the people.

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