Refinery 29’s instagram photo featuring Yayoi Kusama for Louis Vuitton had me longing for my art school days this morning. Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama is the queen of pattern play using them in her paintings, sculptures, and environments. Naturally there’s an app to go along with this fun collaboration and a video here!

The Artist

Now if only I could afford a few pieces…

* My longing turned into extreme excitement after learning Yayoi Kusama’s work is on display at The Whitney in New York during my upcoming visit.



As the internet goes, one click leads here and another leads there, and then you discover something amazing like Raven and Lily, a company that empowers women through design.

Jasanna at Munch Talk is to thank for this discovery, and she is giving away one of these beautiful journals on her blog. Raven and Lily has an amazing story and you can read all about it and meet the artisans on their site.
Don’t forget to enter to win over on Munch Talk.

Is Black the new Ivory?

Vera Wang’s Fall 2012 collection of bridal gowns isn’t what you would expect.
No flowing white gowns here.
A proper farewell to your former single self? The perfect dress for a gothic bride?
I adore the first gown, and if Vera Wang says it’s chic, who are we to argue.

I’m off to my last wedding of the year! It should be a fun weekend and I must say I’m excited to have a break from all the matrimonial celebrating until next spring!

Missoni for Target

This morning before work I braved the crazies and hit up target to check out the Missoni for Target Collection. The place was already picked over, and their website has been overloaded and down the entire day.
In spite of the madness I did manage to score a couple of things, and covet a few others…

I wanted this bike of course, but unfortunately had to control myself and get out of there. I am, however,  very happy with my new vase that is already sprucing up my desk.

Summer Shades

Eco-friendly shades from SHWOOD .
I’d like to see these on myself or my guy.

Fun, floral frames for the ladies. Find cheap ones here or splurge here.

I’m also LOVING Victoria Beckham’s collection.

I’ll take one of each please.

Why didn’t I think of this?!

Pick a Jewel Pendants were created by fift a creative Japanese duo.
Being the hoarder of little keepsakes that I am, this is a must have.
Coins, flowers, leaves, feathers or shells collected on the beach…
The possibilities are endless for what you could find and quickly turn
into a unique necklace.
I may try to make this myself as it appears to only be available overseas at the moment.

via ecouterre

Lauren Wolf Jewelry

There was a time when I went a little nuts at the trade shows and would spend, spend, spend. I have since learned that I don’t necessarily need things just because I am getting an insane deal on them.
Now I get one or two “show treats” and currently it’s Lauren Wolf Jewelry. Lauren is super friendly (making me want to collect her work even more) and her pieces are both edgy and elegant. In August I picked up a pair of stacking rings and I have my eye on a necklace or bracelets for next market.
In January I scored the stud earrings pictured below.
I’m not a pearls gal and these are a perfect alternative. I had them in mind for my pal Cassi’s wedding, but I’ve found that I want to wear them everyday.