Grab one of these or this and get to doodling!
There are so many possibilities I can’t wait to experiment further.



Putting more washi tape to use with a quick and colorful coaster upgrade.

What you need:

*small tiles from the hardware store
*washi tape
*cork or felt for added protection
on the back (optional)


Washi Tape overload in the studio!

In an effort to put all the great washi tape I’ve acquired to use I’ve layered up 2 styles on my hand stamped cards. It adds a fun pop of color on the cheap.


SHOP:   Polka-Dot Skimmer   |    Madewell

SHOP:   Jaquard Dot Popover   |    J.Crew

DIY:   Giant Gold Pokla-Dot Wall   |   OhJoy

DIY:     Linen Confetti Napkins   |    DesignMom

These guys have me wanting to add a few more polka dots to my wardrobe and home.          More things for the growing crafty to-do list!

Dip Dyed

I’m feeling inspired by these Dip Dyed cloths spotted on The Merriment Blog.
While this digitally printed tablecloth below takes me back to textile class experimenting with Shibori. I see a day of dyeing in the near future!

Recipe for Press!

My insanely thoughtful boss attended Amy Flurry’s book release party at TREEHOUSE, and picked me up a signed copy of her new book, Recipe for Press.
She and I tackle the PR and Marketing at Blabla Kids (where I work if you were wondering), and are big fans of Amy who hosts informative DIY Publicity seminars, is an editor, writer, stylist and maker of beautiful paper sculptures. If you are someone you know is an artist, crafter or business owner, you’re going to need this book. It’s filled with excellent advice, beautiful photography, and features many Athens, Ga locals. Email Amy to get one for yourself!

Gold Fringe Photobooth Project!

Thao and Andrew’s wedding was this past weekend and Rebecca and I finally got to see our  fringe photobooth in action! Everyone seemed to have a great time and I’m pleased with how the photos came out.

As some of you may know, event spaces have lots of rules and regulations, but we came prepared with 3m hooks for hanging the backdrop. When the event manager came by eyeballing us about tacks, we quickly waved our 3m hooks in her face and let her know it was under control. Of course we were not allowed to remove the obtrusive curtain from behind the backdrop so from a distance it’s not so cute, but in the end the photos turned out great.

Rebecca went to town at the Halloween store picking up some great props. The other paper masks we got from the amazing Jordan Ferney over at Oh Happy Day.

I made lots of little signs with instructions, such as Pick A Prop, Write a Message for the Newlyweds, and little cards with information on where to find the photos. The camera was covered with a sign saying “the camera is all set, please use the remote shutter release” to deter people from adjusting any settings. We were also lucky enough to have the father of the bride’s camera, and now I want one for my very own.

You can see the rest of the photobooth pictures on the Clarke’s Flickr Page.