Summer is here and my linen love carries over to the beach towel. Lightweight, quick drying and odor-resistant linen makes a perfect option for the beach or pool.  The Deck Towel is large enough for two (70″x57″) and when not at the beach can be used as a bedspread, picnic blanket, tablecloth, anything your imagination can conjure up.  Deck Towels are made in New York City from the finest linens and get better with each wash.


A Deck Towel is lighter.

A Deck Towel is 20 times more absorbent.

A Deck Towel dries faster.

A Deck Towel won’t track sand.

A Deck Towel grows softer with wear.

A Deck Towel folds to the size of your beach read.

A Deck Towel comes with free shipping.

A Deck Towel has a 60-day money-back guarantee.



Our bedroom is pretty much the last room in the house in need of some attention. The walls need to be painted, we hope to get a new bed frame and I have a chifferobe in desperate need of a redo. I’ve been back and forth on the wall color and can’t decide if I want to go dark or light. We have the grey from the dining room and a blueish white left over, or maybe I should go with something totally different. The bedding and pillows are all different shades of grey , the duvet’s from West Elm, and my AREA bedding should be arriving soon. Naturally I’m searching Pinterest for ideas and now I just have to make some decisions!

* one grey wall   *a single grey stripe  * a dark indigo  *light and airy   *dark and cozy

*bright accents  *stripe up top  *stripe in the middle  *bright door  *bright dresser



I’m on a mission to build a cozy bed, gathering linens in shades of grey. I went for it this time and ordered a new linen blanket and 2 linen pillow cases from Area. The relaxed yet sophisticated Scandinavian design should mix and match easily, and I’m certain it’s a worthy investment.

Current Obessions: Linen, Grey

Home Improvements!

I’ve been wanting to share some photos from the new house, but we have been so busy this summer it’s taking me a while to get around to it. We’ve been in the house just over 3 months now, and painting was first up on the to do list. The living room is a bright robins egg blue color that reminds me of a home on the coast, but I’m are waiting on our new West Elm couch so no photos until then!

The dining room is cathedral grey and connects to the kitchen so the grey is carried into that room with the exception of the black chalkboard wall. Previously I had a large board hanging that I’d painted with the chalkboard paint so I was thrilled to finally paint directly on the wall. There is even a coat of magnetic paint underneath, but I find myself not really using it because it feels cluttered.

Reupholstering the chairs is next up on the list along with a shelf above the bar. I need a place to store extra glasses and a wine rack. The bar is over flowing with booze after the housewarming party.

table: vintage Broyhill Brasilia, rug: west elm knot rug, curtains: west elm, plates: vintage with the exception of my Jonathan Adler fish, pendant light: ikea, bar: vintage cedar chest, plant stand: vintage, deer head: alabaster stag

The ikea light fixture adds a fun twist and casts a pattern on the walls. There was a fixture in place when we moved in so we used the existing base rather than the rounded plastic one the lamp came with. This made it look a little less ikea-ey. You can see the pattern on the wall in this (grainy) photo.

The room is full of white trim so the grey really pops, and it’s my favorite room in the house so far. I may even do grey in the bedroom now, if I ever get around to painting it…

Lazy Summer

I’m not having one, but if I were it would ideally be spent in one of these beautiful hammocks.  We’ve been spending so much time getting the inside of the house fixed up that I am anxious to begin working on the outdoors. Without an endless supply of time and money it takes a bit to get everything perfect, and even then I’m not convinced it ever really is. Summertime is here and I want to relax outdoors with a cocktail and my favorite magazine, followed by a siesta.  Most likely it will have to be in one of the hammocks rather than the $500+ chair from anthro. All amazing, and either will do.

Anthro (via designsponge)

via Seaside Hammocks

Anthropologie June Catalog

Pretty Patterns

I dream of wallpapering a room or even just a wall, but in reality it’s probably not happening any time soon.
These patterns are so fun and over the top.

image source: Design For Mankind

image source: Miss Print

image source: Walnut Wallpaper

image source: Aimee Wilder


It’s funny how when things become relevant to your life you start to notice them more. Lately when driving around I’m noticing fences for the dog and house numbers.The numbers on a house may seem trivial, but dim-lit streets and teeny tiny house numbers make it difficult for visitors, and pizza delivery drivers to find you. While searching around I found a few ideas.
I’d most likely kill these potted house numbers, but they sure are cute.
A simple box of nails and a piece of plywood create an inexpensive yet  very modern look.

These sleek modern numbers run about $25 per number, but I did find a quite involved DIY here.
I’m loving these super cute inexpensive vinyl letters from etsy that adhere to the front door. You could also DIY for a more custom look.