Thrifty Finds

I did a little thrifting this past weekend, and picked up a few more glass pieces that I probably don’t need, but couldn’t resist. An Italian pitcher, 2 that will be vases and a little covered dish. I’m going to put my new pitcher to use tonight, and test a Cranberry Mojito recipe. They are for the holiday work party tomorrow and I know they’ll look pretty, but I have to make sure they taste good too.


Coupe Glasses

On a recent thrifting trip I picked up a couple more champagne saucers to replace the two that were broken last New Years Eve. I appear to have a glassware fetish…
I love the look of the champagne saucer (aka coupe) that was popularized in the 1930’s.
If you tune in to Boardwalk Empire or MadMen you’ve seen them serving up champagne or fancy cocktails in them.

The coupe started as a champagne glass, but as it turns out the broad surface area allows for the champagne to lose carbonation quickly, and so we ended up with the champagne flutes common today.  I’m most likely drinking a lower priced Cava or Prosecco anyway, and want to use my chic glasses, but more often than not I’m using them when attempting to mix up a classic cocktail. Like the San Francisco Handshake ( lemon juice, St. Germain, Fernet Branca, and thyme-infused gin ) served at the Hotel Delmano in Williamsburg.
I’ve been slowly thrifting a mixed match set, but if you are willing to shell out the cash you can pick some up here , here and here.

Thrifty Finds…

I picked up this telephone bench a couple of weekends ago for a mere $30 bucks.
There is something about these gossip benches that I love. Maybe it’s because they harken to a time when households had one phone, and that phone had a rotary dial and was attached to a cord. These tables were commonly placed in hallways so I’m not entirely sure where it will go (no hallway here), but it needed to come home with me.  Most likely it will become another item hanging around the house waiting to be  reupholstered, but hopefully I will have a before and after picture to share in the near future.


I’ve accidentally started collecting vintage Copco pieces. It all started about 5 years ago with a $5 red pot from the thrift store, and then 2 years later a $10 yellow casserole dish from Scott Antiques came along.

Last weekend while hitting up estate sales and a few antique stores I picked up a curious little pot for $25 and a skillet for $45. They are in perfect condition and well worth the cost.

From the looks of the label on the bottom, the little pot with the teak handle, it’s never even been used.

I love how colorful they are together, and I’m trying to locate a spot in the kitchen to have them all out on display. There isn’t much wall space for hanging a shelf or hooks so I’m thinking maybe a really high shelf above the window for cookbooks and my cast iron on the little island cart. We will see how long this easy project takes!

Copco started as a porcelain-enameled, cast iron cookware company, and has evolved into quite a different company today, but they do have a cast iron collection out with Mario Batali. These pots weigh a ton, but heat up like no other.  There are quite a few cheerful Copco pieces out there for grabs on etsy and ebay if you want to add a few to your kitchen.

Book Planters

I’m loving these DIY book planters.
You remove the heart of the cover and inside pages, create a seal,
and are left with a little pot.
The thought of gutting my favorite book lacks appeal, but a damaged book or one collecting dust and fading into obscurity seems
suitable for the project.

Watch the video for how to.

Thrifty Find

On a recent trip down south I hit up the local flea market and scored these earthenware bowls.
Four bucks AND they are oven safe.
I picture myself serving something like this in them.