I’ve talked about Baggu before, but now I’ve actually been using them for a while, and they are THE BEST. I’ve just loaded up on some new styles. I love the little fox guy!



The news is out!
Here are the Save The Dates I made for my dear friends Lauren and Ray.
They are tying the knot in just a couple of weeks!


When I’m out and have something yummy I try to recreate some version of it at home. This time around it’s Rosemary Bacon.
Yeah Burger had this on their burger of the month recently, and it piqued my interest.
I lined my pan with parchment, laid out thick cut bacon, and added chopped rosemary and ground black pepper.
Bake at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes or so depending how crisp you like your bacon.

On instagram someone suggested wrapping this around shrimp or chicken and I definitely want to try that soon!


WOW. My Friday night was pretty amazing.
We’ve been frequenting The Spotted Trotter and Ale Yeah for a bit, but this was our first time attending the CIVIC Dinner.

The Spotted Trotter is hosting monthly dinners for an intimate group where they partner with a beverage company. The atmosphere was perfect with a little live music and candle light. A small group of about 30 people with 8 courses paired with beer that you had the option of picking up from Ale Yeah. We of course did, and the beer pairings were spot on.

My favorite pairing (I think!) had to be the Peach Smoke dish seen in the third photo. My favorite dish…hard to say. Everything was so good and the portions were beyond generous. The duck ball, the tripe (best I’ve had), and the papaya salad all stood out. OH! and the spiced pecans were AMAZING. I’d love to see those bagged up and for sale at the store (hint, hint if ST is reading).

Next month they should be teaming up with American Spirit Whiskey, and we will without question be there. We are feeling pretty lucky (fat) to live in between a craft beer market and a charcuterie.

Civic  /  adj.  /  Of, concerning, or affecting the community or the people.


I never dreamed that I would fall head over heels for a water bottle, but it’s happened.
The girls I work with in New York were going on and on about a water bottle, and I couldn’t possibly fathom it being THAT much more spectacular than any other I’ve used. Turns out I was wrong.


* S’well bottles don’t sweat meaning the inside of your bag won’t get all wet,
* and it won’t leave annoying rings of water on your desk.
* Keeps your beverage cool/warm for long periods of time – 12 to 24 hours!
* My coworker took hers to hot yoga and it was still cold at the end of class!
* Stainless steel = no metal taste for your water
* BPA Free
* Super cute and sleek design
* The large size will hold a bottle of WINE

Once I realized there was a larger size that holds a full bottle of wine I got very excited and went a little overboard.
I’ve got plenty of wine loving friends for whom these will make a great gift.
I have the medium size for on my desk and the gym and then the large for wine. I can’t wait to use mine at the next picnic or outdoor concert! Get yours here!


I’ve returned from New York… eating, shopping, visiting friends, and working…

20120820-225118.jpgDrinking lots of Rose…

And a cocktail or two..

Seeing some art at The Whitney

Eating A LOT…

Prune  |  The Fat Radish  |  Inoteca  | Ippudo  |  Eataly

And a wee bit of  shopping

Once I get my head back on straight I’ll share some more details!
The etsy shop has been busy with all of these September weddings!


I met Lyn from Preserving Now at the Morningside Farmers Market where she was selling her delicious jams. We chatted for a bit and I noticed that she also offered classes here in Atlanta. One thing led to another and Lyn and I decided to team up and bring this review to you.
Lyn Deardorf has been canning for over 40 years and you’ll learn both the science, and the art of canning in her class. She starts with a little meet and greet discussion where we share why we are interested in canning, and in turn what has brought us to her class. Answers range from growing and putting up ones own produce to the novice looking to explore something new. I loved hearing everyone’s stories, and their connections to canning. Canning has a long history and for many it’s been passed down through generations and connects us to our past.
When Lyn said we’d be making bread and butter pickles I couldn’t help but crack a smile. My great-grandmother always had a jar of these on the table and I immediately remembered her, and the country dinners shared at that table. What better way to honor, remember and connect than through food.




We got started with our 3 recipes and everyone contributed in the kitchen. The class was very hands on and nothing was done without a clear explanation of why we were doing it.
We talked about eating local and organic, discussed canning safety, Lyn shared a few favorite canning cookbooks with us, and any and all questions were answered. You’ll leave class with a binder full of information, 3 jars to enjoy and the knowledge to capture local, seasonal ingredients on your own. You will be practicing Farm to Pantry (as Lyn put it) in no time!

I’m finishing this post on the plane to New York and a conversation has struck up. The woman next to me is sharing stories about her mother’s adventurous cooking during the great depression and canning food to feed her family through the winter. It’s amazing what the sight of that iconic mason jar can do.

Preserving Now has a slew of canning workshops around town so grab a friend or two, and you’ll be putting up fresh tomatoes to enjoy in January before you know it. You can also schedule a group class if you round-up enough friends!
This class was held at The Indie-Pendent, a lovely handmade shop and studio/event space in the Virginia Highlands.

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