I have to admit I wasn’t so welcoming to fall when it started to show its face around here. I was sad to see summer coming to an end, but then I remembered that there are lots of things l love about fall, like working out and not being fearful of a heat stroke…
This weekend I’m officially welcoming fall with a hike in the North GA Mountains followed by a wine tasting (I’m setting my expectations low for the wine, but we will see). I also hope to get my hands on some apples and spend Sunday putting up jars of apple butter. Very fall indeed.

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I met Lyn from Preserving Now at the Morningside Farmers Market where she was selling her delicious jams. We chatted for a bit and I noticed that she also offered classes here in Atlanta. One thing led to another and Lyn and I decided to team up and bring this review to you.
Lyn Deardorf has been canning for over 40 years and you’ll learn both the science, and the art of canning in her class. She starts with a little meet and greet discussion where we share why we are interested in canning, and in turn what has brought us to her class. Answers range from growing and putting up ones own produce to the novice looking to explore something new. I loved hearing everyone’s stories, and their connections to canning. Canning has a long history and for many it’s been passed down through generations and connects us to our past.
When Lyn said we’d be making bread and butter pickles I couldn’t help but crack a smile. My great-grandmother always had a jar of these on the table and I immediately remembered her, and the country dinners shared at that table. What better way to honor, remember and connect than through food.




We got started with our 3 recipes and everyone contributed in the kitchen. The class was very hands on and nothing was done without a clear explanation of why we were doing it.
We talked about eating local and organic, discussed canning safety, Lyn shared a few favorite canning cookbooks with us, and any and all questions were answered. You’ll leave class with a binder full of information, 3 jars to enjoy and the knowledge to capture local, seasonal ingredients on your own. You will be practicing Farm to Pantry (as Lyn put it) in no time!

I’m finishing this post on the plane to New York and a conversation has struck up. The woman next to me is sharing stories about her mother’s adventurous cooking during the great depression and canning food to feed her family through the winter. It’s amazing what the sight of that iconic mason jar can do.

Preserving Now has a slew of canning workshops around town so grab a friend or two, and you’ll be putting up fresh tomatoes to enjoy in January before you know it. You can also schedule a group class if you round-up enough friends!
This class was held at The Indie-Pendent, a lovely handmade shop and studio/event space in the Virginia Highlands.

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