I have to admit I wasn’t so welcoming to fall when it started to show its face around here. I was sad to see summer coming to an end, but then I remembered that there are lots of things l love about fall, like working out and not being fearful of a heat stroke…
This weekend I’m officially welcoming fall with a hike in the North GA Mountains followed by a wine tasting (I’m setting my expectations low for the wine, but we will see). I also hope to get my hands on some apples and spend Sunday putting up jars of apple butter. Very fall indeed.

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Change in the weather…

Unless the weather takes another turn, we seem to have finally entered that time of year when it’s brisk in the morning, warm and sunny during the day, and chilly at night. Perfect weather really.
A time for layering, picnics in the sun and huddling around campfires.

1. Madwell 2. Anthro Scarf 3. Picnic Blanket 4. Tim Walker