I’m adding Spotify playlists to the mix, and while they will probably be pretty random, I hope they add a little something to your week! First up are a few songs in honor of my friends saying I DO in a couple of days. It should be a fun weekend with friends who haven’t gotten together in a while. These friends, the location, the season, and of course the couple have inspired this little playlist. Hope you ENJOY!

L     I     S      T     E     N   !




I have to admit I wasn’t so welcoming to fall when it started to show its face around here. I was sad to see summer coming to an end, but then I remembered that there are lots of things l love about fall, like working out and not being fearful of a heat stroke…
This weekend I’m officially welcoming fall with a hike in the North GA Mountains followed by a wine tasting (I’m setting my expectations low for the wine, but we will see). I also hope to get my hands on some apples and spend Sunday putting up jars of apple butter. Very fall indeed.

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The leaves are falling…

Most days I love having a new pup, but I’ll admit it’s often a lot of work. What I do love about having Hendrix around is how he forces me outdoors. I don’t always appreciate it at first, especially when I’m sick or it’s raining, but most of the time it’s a good thing. This week we discovered a leafy little trail near the house, and for a moment it feels like we’ve stepped outside of the city. Venture out into the sunshine, and have a beautiful fall weekend before it’s too late!