I have to admit I wasn’t so welcoming to fall when it started to show its face around here. I was sad to see summer coming to an end, but then I remembered that there are lots of things l love about fall, like working out and not being fearful of a heat stroke…
This weekend I’m officially welcoming fall with a hike in the North GA Mountains followed by a wine tasting (I’m setting my expectations low for the wine, but we will see). I also hope to get my hands on some apples and spend Sunday putting up jars of apple butter. Very fall indeed.

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Le Crueset & Beef Bourguignon Pot Pie

A couple of weeks ago I received an early Christmas Present…
It’s 6.75 quarts of beauty.

Using the recipe below as a guide I made  a beef bourguignon style dish, and served it as individual pot pies.
Rather than cubed beef I used a 2lb top blade roast that I braised, and then pulled apart. You can also serve this with mashed potatoes or egg noodles.

My apologies for the crummy photo. I was entertaining and didn’t take the time to snap. Somebody could use a new sheet pan. eek