I’m adding Spotify playlists to the mix, and while they will probably be pretty random, I hope they add a little something to your week! First up are a few songs in honor of my friends saying I DO in a couple of days. It should be a fun weekend with friends who haven’t gotten together in a while. These friends, the location, the season, and of course the couple have inspired this little playlist. Hope you ENJOY!

L     I     S      T     E     N   !



Spotify Playlists

Many of you have heard of Spotify and some of you are using it, but if you are like me you may not be fully aware of what it can do. I’ve been listening to it at work and trying to figure out what the deal is. Do I need music on my cell phone? Why would I pay for this service if there is a free option? Who is David Archuleta? I thought he was a skeezy, middle-aged, looking dude until just now when I googled it.

Spotify lets you build playlist and listen to songs using local files on your computer and countless songs in their database. You can connect the app to Facebook and twitter, share playlists or tracks with friends, listen to artist radio stations and more.

I’m helping my sister with her little backyard wedding (this weekend!!), and we are doing the music ourselves. After building several playlist in Spotify I started to worry about the lack of an internet connection, but discovered that by upgrading my Spotify account to premium ($9.95 a month) I can access my playlist from anywhere with no internet connection needed. Very Handy.
The offline mode gives me access to my playlists without having to actually purchase (or illegally download) them. I can listen to my playlists in the middle of nowhere, on an airplane, a beach or on my phone.

The next thing that occurred to me was the need for a remote control to use with my mac and Spotify. With Remoteless  I can skip songs, cue playlist and adjust the volume in Spotify from my Iphone.

If you are having a DIY wedding or hosting a party anytime soon, Spotify premium is definitely something to consider.